May 13, 2016

This is Your Path. Yours Alone.

We are constantly growing, and by nature, mirror what we frequently behold. On one hand, this is awesome because that means we can be shaped. We have the capacity to develop new habits, learn new skills, and work on our character. On the other hand, our growth can be hindered if our drive leads us to unrealistic standards.

Inspiration can be so good. We need it for motivation, a sense of collectivism since we're relational beings, and the birth of new -- but sometimes we get lost in these things before we create anything beautiful with it all. It can cause us to second guess ourselves, and can make us think we have no business doing what we are doing. This can apply to work, creative projects, ministry, our spiritual walk, and pretty much anything under the sun. We can fool ourselves into believing that there is one perfect way but in reality, the beauty of humanity is in the plethora of our differences. 

Chasing an ideal becomes draining, and we could miss out on a turning point in our lives if we're too distracted following a labyrinth to perfection. Most importantly, if we fixate on perfection, we lose out on the joy of the process. 

I've been meditating on this a lot this week and hope that the following self-talk encourage you as well. Remember that this is your path. It will -- and should -- look a little crooked. Embrace the imperfections of your hands and the strokes of your brush. There is no other you out there with your exact same set of talents, calling, passions, and vision. Remember why you started. Explore and thrive to be the best version of yourself you can be. Don't get lost in the sea of comparison. Thread on with intention, gazing only at your maker for approval. Be brave. Life's not meant to be flawless, it's meant to be daring, darling.

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