March 26, 2016

The Gift of Contentment

My husband and I work for the school system, so we're both currently off work this week. Although this spring break has been a good one, it hasn't been without it's share of disappointments. For starters, I was really looking forward to camping this weekend to unwind and mentally reset, since I've been busy at work lately--the outdoors has an effect on me nothing else really does.

I was also hoping my husband and I would get the chance to visit my family in South Florida. It's been months since we last saw them. We live closer to my in-laws (whom I adore), and consequently see more often than my folks. Sadly though, we had to cancel our camping reservation when one of us became sick and ended up flying solo to Miami due to an unexpected crisis involving one of our cats.

In all honesty, I became frustrated...especially since I purposefully planned out the week--which is a genuine achievement for me--as those of you who read my previous post or know me can attest. I wallowed in my dissatisfaction for a few minutes, and the, after praying about it, I made a conscious decision to enjoy as much of the week as I possibly could anyways. I tamed my craving for nature by jogging outside. My husband and I even explored a cute little park with multiple bridges and flowers that was new to us. Granted, it was no cave or mountain, but I found serenity there. I also learned a think or two about programming a blog during the break thanks to the Canadian You Tuber: The Blog Beautician. I still have tons to learn, but check out the changes I've made so far!

And, although I missed my partner in crime during my trip down South, I made the most out of my visit through long conversations and extra girl time with the beauties in my life. I caught up with my cousin, celebrated my father's birthday at our favorite steakhouse, and enjoyed every waking moment with my tribe.

On Thursday I received an update from my husband related to how our cat was doing back home. He informed me that the vet discovered that our Nation has a heart murmur. When I found out all of a sudden I could care less about all the rushing around and vet bills we've been dealing with recently. The situation made me acutely aware of the dearness of his furry company and that of all those I cherish.

During my last night in Miami, my parents took me to a movie theater I hadn't been to in about 10 years that made me think about this even further. Everything there from the walkways to the neighboring shops brought about a deep reminisce of my childhood. I recalled entering the theater with good friends and blowing our candles during my 16th birthday at a restaurant near by when we passed it on our way over there. I felt like a teenager for a moment, but was brought back to the present by the hip new features of the place and heightened use of technology surrounding me. Although I miss that time in my life, I can't get it back. I can, however, practice gratitude and mindfulness in my current phase of life to treasure every minute of it.

As Easter approaches, I'm reminded of the hope we find in the resurrection to do live content. Every season unravels it's own majesty, but time is fleeting. Let's worry about impacting those around us positively while we work hard, cherish each moment we spent with our dears, and rejoice in the day we call today. If we get to go on a grand escapade along the way, that's a bonus.

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